What if Jules Verne had written a book about electronic music? »

It probably would have featured some of these amazing hand built instruments:

(Check out the movies!)

Ableton/Novaiton Launchpad Looper Tutorial »

Electric Audio Madness »

Fascinating stuff:

Richard Devine’s experimental sound design

Analog Heaven »

I would LOVE to have access to a wall of vintage synth goodness like this:

Work in Progress: My Ableton Live Remix setup- Hi-res Image »

click to see the full size

Facebook Page up! »

The Emissary

Duane Barry- Searching the Stars (The Emissary Remix) Coming Soon! »

New remix coming out on Duane Barry’s new label Digital Sensation. Exclusively on Beatport on October 13!

Morning Coffee Series Vol. 24 mixed by The Emissary »

Here is a new breaks mix for a Russian show called Morning Coffee Series.

Morning Coffee Series Vol. 24 mixed by The Emissary


01. 9b0 – Antilightbulb (Beta Remix)
02. Pat Foosheen – The Unthinkable (Habersham Remix)
03. Starfire – Total Immersion
04. Amiel – The Chase (Hi-Fi Bugs Remix)
05. Baunder – Replica
06. ICR – Lack of Tomorrow (Flack’s Second Try)

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Ancient Galaxy Released »

Another computer game I scored has just been released: Ancient Galaxy from Composite Studios!

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