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The Emissary- Ten Roads Home

Ten Roads Home
Track Listing:

1.BT- Bad Guys
2.Cliff Martinez- Death Shall Have No Dominion
3.Jerome Isama-Ae Smile When You Kill Me
4.Dirty South- Alamo (TV Rock Remix)
5.Purple Code- The Rising
6.Komytea- Afghanistan
7.Shifter and Carvell- Techyes
8.Egobox- Podium (J-Soul Remix)
9.Yotopia- Goosebumps
10.Hans Zimmer “Why So Serious?”
11.Max Graham- Frozen
12.Chris Nemo and Andree Eskay- Affectation (Dousk Dub)
13.Oliver Smith- Restless
14.Day Din- Halkidiki
15.End of Days- Satan Walks the Streets
16.Shpongle- Flute Fruit
17.Ligeti- Study #1 for Organ
18.Peter Michael Hamel- Mandala

Aeron Aether- Lake in the Well (The Emissary Remix) »

My new downtempo remix of Hungarian breakbeat guru Aeron Aether’s track “Lake in the Well” has just dropped.

Get it here:

Most of my dance music releases have been breaks, so I’m really excited
for people to be able to check out another side of my work that better
reflects my classical training and influences.


New Classical Composition Performed »

My “Hymn” for Mezzo Soprano with piano accompaniment was performed at the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Wesleyan University in November. I wanted this piece to be unhindered by extra-musical lyrics, with only the vaguest idea of a extra-musical meaning indicated by the title. For that purpose, I decided to borrow a technique of one of my favorite composers- to simply make a up a fake “language” to be sung, leaving meaning up to the listeners’ imaginations, and allowing them to focus more on the musical content rather than the lyrics.

Like the best laid plans of mice and composers, my idea backfired completely: rather than simply giving up when unable to understand the lyrics and listening to the music, the lyrcs became the most-discussed aspect of my piece.  Various listeners have described it as a mixture of Latin, French, and Italian, some seemed to be (excessively) baffled their inability to precisely identify the language, going out of their way to ask about it weeks later, other seems to exude an aura of condecending bemusement.

It was an interesting experiment that yielded unexpected results. I think I’ll try it again someday.

Two new remixes coming this fall. »

Derek Howell- I’ll Never Forget to Remember (The Emissary Remix) [Polytechnic Recordings]

Aeron Aether- Lake in the Well (The Emissary Remix) [Silk Digital]

Release dates coming soon!

Incursion now available for PC! »

TN Games’ new first person shooter Incursion has been released for PC.

Original Score by Evan Arnett.

More information:

Buy it Here:

New Remix »

HisBoyElroy- Step into the Light (The Emissary and Starfire Remix) will be coming out on Proton Music on March 6th. It will be on sale at

Stefan Anion- Orion’s Belt (The Emissary Remix) now available at Beatport! »

Get it here!

Performance »

My vocalise for Soprano and electronics was performed at UTA’s Iron’s Recital Hall. I’d been listening to this postmodern Chinese opera and wrote a melody incorporating some of what I heard, which, in the end, made it a bit difficult for my classically trained singer. She pulled it off very well though. I had her sing into a mic that was plugged into my laptop running Ableton, where I manipulated the signal through various effects sent to loudspeaker. It was an unusual type of performance for an undergrad at my school, but I worked hard on it and it seems most everyone involved had fun.

Music Update »

There is now a new division of the music section titled “Orchestral Music” with two new samples. I have also uploaded my live remix guest set from Stefan and Jordan’s Blue Industries Show on Proton Radio. Enjoy!

Synapse Released »

My new single, Synapse, had been released on Beatport. For the first time in several years, all of my completed original dance tracks are now released. You can check it out here on Beatort.
So, where do I go from here?
Well, I’ve got some ideas in the works, (and a couple of remixes) so stay tuned!

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